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Health and Safety Coordination

Shop construction is now happy to offer Health and Safety Coordination (SiGeKo) to our list of services!

SiGeKo, what is it?

A SiGeKo is responsible for health and safety on construction sites, prepares the necessary documentation including the SiGe Plan (according to BaustellV), and advises and coordinates with you, the client, in matters of on-site safety

Why do you need one?

As the client, you are responsible for the health of those on your construction site. You can transfer this duty to a qualified SiGeKo (see RAB30). When several employers are hired during the construction phase, you are legally required to engage a SiGeKo (BaustellV 3). We stand ready to advise and assist. For further details just ask!

Shop construction is a member of Verband des SiGeKos e.V.